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BiosPacific is your source for high quality steroid and hormone antibodies and conjugates. At BiosPacific we can supply monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies paired with various forms of conjugates ideal for all assay formats from rapid screening tests all the way to clinical homogenous EIA's.

The catalog of antibodies and conjugates from BiosPacific includes classic steroids and hormones such as Cortisol, Estradiol, Progesterone and Testosterone. Many of our customers have developed their clinical assays with the BiosPacific pairs on offer.

Our list of antibodies and conjugates is always growing so please contact us to inquire about any other reagents you may require

latest additions to our portfolio

Estradiol Antibodies
Progesterone Monoclonals
Testosterone Monoclonals
FMI Catalog No. Name Source Detail/Pairing Information  
A10460 AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) Monoclonal Antibody Murine Pair with A10461,or A10462  
A10461 AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) Monoclonal Antibody Murine Pair with A10461,or A10462  
A10462 AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) Monoclonal Antibody Murine Pair with A10461,or A10460  
A29220 Cortisol Monoclonal Antibody Murine  
D25010 Cortisol Polyclonal Antibody Rabbit  
P21400 Cortisol Stripped Serum Human  
V53230 Cortisol, 3-HRP Conjugate  
D22510 DHEA Sulfate Polyclonal Antibody Rabbit  
A54080 Estradiol Monoclonal Antibody Murine  
D21010 Estradiol Polyclonal Antibody Rabbit  
V54010 Estradiol, 3-HRP Conjugate  
V56110 Estradiol, 6-BSA Conjugate  
V54020 Estradiol, 6-HRP Conjugate  
A54200 Estriol Monoclonal Antibody Murine  
A54230 Estriol Monoclonal Antibody Murine  
A54240 Estriol Monoclonal Antibody Murine  
D22010 Estriol Polyoclonal Antibody Rabbit  
V56090 Estriol, 3-BSA Conjugate  
V54030 Estriol, 3-HRP Conjugate  
V56120 Estriol, 6-BSA Conjugate  
V54040 Estriol, 6-HRP Conjugate  
A25050 Progesterone Monoclonal Antibody Murine  
A25049 Progesterone Monoclonal Antibody Murine  
1801-100248 Progesterone Monoclonal Antibody Murine  
1802-100249 Progesterone Monoclonal Antibody Murine up  
1803-100250 Progesterone Monoclonal Antibody Murine  
1805-100252 Progesterone Monoclonal Antibody Murine  
D23010 Progesterone Polyclonal Antibody Rabbit  
P21200 Progesterone Stripped Serum Human  
V54230 Progesterone, 11-ALP Conjugate  
V56050 Progesterone, 11-BSA Conjugate  
V54220 Progesterone, 11-HRP Conjugate  
A53070 Testosterone Monoclonal Antibody  
A53101 Testosterone Monoclonal Antibody Murine  
D24010 Testosterone Polyclonal Antibody Rabbit  
V56060 Testosterone, 3-BSA Conjugate  
V56061 Testosterone, 3-HRP Conjugate  

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