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FMI Catalog No. Name Source Detail/Pairing Information  
V53000 Amphetamine, BSA Conjugate  
V53010 Amphetamine, HRP Conjugate  
V42500 Barbiturate, BSA Conjugate  
V53024 Benzodiazepine, BSA Conjugate  
V53020 Benzodiazepine, HRP Conjugate  
V52000 Benzoylecgonine, BSA Conjugate  
V52030 Benzoylecgonine, BTG Conjugate  
V52020 Benzoylecgonine, HRP Conjugate  
V52210 Buprenorphine, BSA Conjugate  
V52230 Buprenorphine, BTG Conjugate  
V68220 Caffeine Alkaline Phosphatase Conjugate  
V68200 Caffeine BSA Conjugate  
V68210 Caffeine BSA Conjugate  
V68200 Caffeine, BSA Conjugate  
V51800 Clonazepam, BSA Conjugate Pair with A51820  
V53230 Cortisol, 3-HRP Conjugate  
V56020 Digoxin, HRP Conjugate  
V54010 Estradiol, 3-HRP Conjugate  
V56110 Estradiol, 6-BSA Conjugate  
V54020 Estradiol, 6-HRP Conjugate  
V56090 Estriol, 3-BSA Conjugate  
V54030 Estriol, 3-HRP Conjugate  
V56120 Estriol, 6-BSA Conjugate  
V54040 Estriol, 6-HRP Conjugate  
V56046 Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG) BSA Conjugate Pair with A56044 up  
V56045 Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG) BSA Conjugate Pair with A56044  
V56048 Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG) HRP Conjugate Pair with A56044  
V53043 Fentanyl BSA Conjugate  
V58000 Gentamycin, HRP Conjugate  
V54160 hCG-beta, ALP Conjugate  
V54150 hCG-beta, HRP Conjugate  
V50042 K2 BSA Conjugate Pair with A50042  
V50044 K2 BSA Conjugate Pair with D50042  
V50045 K2, BSA Conjugate  
V52310 Ketamine, BSA Conjugate  
V52320 Ketamine, HRP Conjugate  
V52510 LSD, BSA Conjugate Pair with A52510, A52520, A52530 or A525410  
V52520 LSD, HRP Conjugate Pair with A52510, A52520, A52530 or A525410  
V50050 MDPV BSA Conjugate Murine Pair with A50055  
V53220 Methadone, BSA Conjugate  
V53200 Methamphetamine, BSA Conjugate  
V53210 Methamphetamine, HRP Conjugate  
V53260 Methcathinone BSA  
V50500 Morphine, BSA Conjugate  
V50600 Morphine, BTG Conjugate  
V53050 Morphine, HRP Conjugate  
V53400 Oxycodone, BSA Conjugate  
V55050 Phencyclidine (PCP), BSA Conjugate  
V53060 Phencyclidine (PCP), HRP Conjugate  
V53070 Phenobarbital, HRP Conjugate up  
V54230 Progesterone, 11-ALP Conjugate  
V56050 Progesterone, 11-BSA Conjugate  
V54220 Progesterone, 11-HRP Conjugate  
V50300 Propoxyphene (PPX), BSA Conjugate  
V19000 T3, BSA Conjugate  
V19100 T4, BSA Conjugate  
V19120 T4, HRP Conjugate  
V24100 TCA, BSA Conjugate *NEW*  
V56060 Testosterone, 3-BSA Conjugate  
V56061 Testosterone, 3-HRP Conjugate  
V50000 THC, BSA Conjugate  
V50100 THC, BTG Conjugate  
V51000 THC, HRP Conjugate  
V57520 Theophylline, HRP Conjugate  
V51720 Zolpidem BSA Conjugate Pair with D51710, D51720 or D51730  
V51710 Zolpidem HRP Conjugate Pair with D51710, D51720 or D51730  

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