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FMI Catalog No. Name Source Detail/Pairing Information  
A61361 GAD65 Monoclonal Antibody Murine Pair with A61362  
A61362 GAD65 Monoclonal Antibody Murine Pair with A61361  
J36050 Galectin-3 Antigen, Recombinant E. coli with His tag  
A32060 Gentamycin Monoclonal Antibody Murine  
D57610 Gentamycin Polyclonal Antibody Rabbit  
V58000 Gentamycin, HRP Conjugate  
D60660 Giardia Lamblia Goat  
A60660 Giardia lamblia Monoclonal Antibody Murine  
A61431 Glucagon Murine  
J61431 Glucagon Antigen, High Pure Human  
2403-100301 Glycated Hemoglobin (HbA1c) Monoclonal Antibody Murine Pair with 7202 or 7204  
T83460 Goat IgG (H&L) Polyclonal Antibody, FITC Conjugated Donkey  
D-402-C Goat IgG Fc Donkey Unconjugated  
T83822 Goat IgG H&L Rabbit Alk Phos Conjugated  
G83460 Goat IgG H&L Polyclonal Antibody Donkey Unconjugated  
A34280 GPBB-Glycogen Phosphorylase BB Murine  
A34290 GPBB-Glycogen Phosphorylase BB Murine  
G-149-C GPBB-Glycogen Phosphorylase BB  
J37020 GPBB-Glycogen Phosphorylase BB Human  
J37030 GPBB-Glycogen Phosphorylase BB E. coli  
A34270 GPBB-Glycogen Phosphorylase BB Murine Pair with G-149-C  
G86530 Guinea Pig IgG H&L Goat Unconjugated  

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