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monoclonals polyclonals antigens conjugates

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cardio-vascular cardio-vascular
• NT-proBNP MAbs: A10741, A10741, A10751, & A10752
• Myeloperoxidase (MPO) MAbs: A10584-87
• PAPP-A MAbs: A14170, A14171, A14172
cancer cancer
CYFRA 21-1
Pepsinogen I
Pepsinogen II

human serum proteins human serum proteins
medix biochemica medix MAbs
CA 15-3
CA 125
CA 19-9
misc misc
• NGAL Matching Pairs: A05012, A05013, A05014 & A05015
• Beta-2 Microglobulin: MAbs & Antigens
• Glucagon Antigens: MAbs & Antigens
infectious diseases infectious diseases
• CHKV MAbs: A48120, A48122 & A48123
• Norovirus GII MAbs: A60700, A60710, A60720, A60730
• Strep A MAbs 2601, 2602, 2603



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medix biochemica medix MAbs
• Group A Streptococcus bacterium (S.pyogenes/GAS)
• HBsAg
• Influenza B
• NT-proBNP
• Visfatin
• Vitamin B12
antigens antigens
• Cystatin C, High Pure, native
• rDB2 (Defensin beta 2)
• rFABP3 (Fatty Acid Binding Protein)
• HE4, native (Human Epididimis Protein 4)
• SAA (Serum amyloid A)
• NCF-PSA, native (non-complex forming PSA)